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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Another day, another Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 leak, rumor and render. This time we get really serious, as the device appears to have ballooned to twice its size and also gets a QWERTY keyboard. We’re dealing here with a design project made by Sarang Sheth from Yanko Design for Letsgodigital. We have more details below.

The proposal is simple: create a foldable phone with a double hinge, that turns it into a tablet and add a sliding keyboard that makes it basically an ultrabook replacement. It all started with a design patent filed by Samsung Display back in mid 2018 and uncovered by Letsgodigital. Then in July 2020, it came to light and it also had 8 product sketches. Those evolved into the renders you can see here. Other theories thrown around about the Galaxy Z Fold 3 include a pop up selfie camera, under display camera and a stylus bundled with it.

The problem is that the UTG panel has to get thicker to withstand the stylus. Back to the new foldable phone we have here, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is basically a Galaxy Z Fold 2 with the exact same back side and camera design, plus an extra hinge and appendix of the body, as well as a sliding keyboard. It’s not very clear for me what type of keyboard it is: capacitive, physical or even virtual. The problem is that you get two hinges and a a very slim keyboard, making this a very fragile and thick device.

Also, the price would definitely increase, since this is pretty much an ultrabook repacement. I think we’re not there just yet and I feel that the keyboard could be replaced with a case that integrates a keyboard. Samsung already did that with the Galaxy Note Edge.

 Source  :concept-phones

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