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Realme 7i Review: The Real Truth About RM [INDIA FULL REVIEW 2021]

Oct 13, 2020 Administrator Reviews 485 hits

Realme 7i Review: The Real Truth About RM [INDIA FULL REVIEW 2021]

Realme 7 Pro SE

The Realme 7i is a mid-range device that set to arrive with interesting developments like a 90Hz refresh rate display. It sports a 64-megapixel quad-camera system, and fast charging support. In the other hand, the Realme 7 Pro SE comes with an elegant leather back.

A white-orange dual-tone rear made of Vegan Multigrain Leather is featured on the Realme 7 Pro SE. The stylish and sturdy leather has a soft finish and provides the device with a premium appearance. Its features are similar to the smartphone Realme 7 Pro.

Realme has been on the rise ever since it got established.

Their mid-range smartphones have always been exceptional and convincing enough to make its competitors sweat like hell. The Realme 2 Pro was a monster of a smartphone for its price and we even called that one the company's magnum opus. It justifies this fact by selling over 1 million units in just 3 months – which is no joke.

So, now we take a closer look at the brand new Realme 7i phone - which is towards the lower end of their latest smartphone line-up. Let's see where it stands among some of the best budget phones out there!

Realme 7i Launch date in India: Realme 7i (Redmi 7i) mobile was launched on 17th September 2020. Realme 7i mobile has not been launched in India.

Realme 7i Specs (Specifications)

Madhav Sheth, the CEO of the firm, has officially announced the device on his Twitter account. The handset comes with a 6.4-inch S-AMOLED that supports full HD+ resolution and a 20:9 aspect ratio, and the Snapdragon 720 G chipset fuels the device with up to 8 GB of LPDDR4x RAM and up to 128 GB of native UFS 2.1 ram. Realme 7i processor: a 2GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor

Realme 7i Features

The Realme 7i phone features a quad-camera configuration on the rear with a main 64-megapixel sensor when it comes to camera optics. This is followed by an ultra-wide camera of 8 megapixels along with a macro camera of 2 megapixels and a depth sensor of 2 megapixels.

Realme 7i Battery

The Realme 7i is equipped with a 5000mAh battery which is actually bigger than what most phones have nowadays but that doesn't mean it's going to last longer just because it has more juice stored within its body. In my time with the phone, I got about 4-5 hours of screen on time which was just enough to get me through a day of moderate usage without having to charge up too quickly although heavy gaming sessions will drain your battery pretty quickly so if you're avid gamer, be prepared to charge it at least once every day. A rear-mounted fingerprint reader, 4 G VoLTE, dual-band Wi-Fi support, Bluetooth v5.0, GPS/ A-GPS, and a USB Type-C port are other features. 

Design and Display

The phone looks a lot like the Meizu M6 note in terms of size, placement of cameras and so on. You also get a plastic back with a gradient design going from blue to purple which is pretty cool if you ask me.

Now, the plastic back does take a toll on the build quality of the phone. It isn't all that sturdy and it bends a little when pressure is applied to it. You can definitely notice this going from a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 to the Realme 7i mobile - it feels too cheap in terms of the build if you have used phones like the aforementioned ones before. In fact, our review unit also had some minor manufacturing issues such as uneven edges around the frame or flimsy plastic parts which made us raise an eyebrow every time we picked up this device. The weight distribution is also just terrible and even though there are no major design flaws to speak of, I did feel a touch let down by how shoddy things felt during my time with the Realme 7i phone.

The phone does look nice though, I must admit! The contrast between the gradient design and the plastic body is quite striking even if it's quite a bit different from what you get on the Redmi Note 5 or OnePlus 6 that are both made out of metal.

The display on this phone is pretty good too - at least in terms of color reproduction. Everything looks vibrant and lively here but blacks are definitely lacking when compared to other phones in this price bracket. Similarly, there isn't any form of adaptive look either so I did feel like colors were oversaturated at times during my time with this device although it can be turned off using ColorOS' custom settings menu. Just keep in mind that you won't be getting any form of Gorilla Glass protection here - the Realme 7i doesn't even come with a pre-installed screen protector so do keep an eye on it every now and then.

All in all, I feel like the display fails to impress as much as other phones in this price bracket because it simply feels too dim at times.

Performance and Software

The Realme 7i mobile is powered by one of Mediatek's latest chipsets – the Helio P35. You also get 3 or 4GB of RAM depending on your choice which should suffice for most tasks apart from heavy gaming. The phone boots up pretty quickly but we did encounter some app crashes such as the Amazon app which wasn't working during our time with the Realme 7i.

Moving on, gaming performance is pretty good too although you might get some frame drops or stutters here and there because it still isn't as fluid as other phones in this price range. The phone also gets warm when pushed to its limits so gaming for extended periods of time might be a bit uncomfortable if you have sensitive hands. Despite all this, I was satisfied with how well the Indian variant performed in terms of day-to-day tasks thanks to 3 gigs of RAM plus decent internals overall that are more than enough for multitasking purposes.

Another thing that impressed me was call quality - both through wi-fi calling or using Jio's VoLTE service. The earpiece speaker is also pretty loud so you shouldn't have to worry about missing calls during windy weather or when there are other people around making noise.

The phone comes with Android 9 Pie out of the box and ColorOS 6.0 which is based on the latest iteration of Google's mobile operating system. It does feel a lot smoother than previous iterations of ColorOS but it still hiccups quite often - whether that be while using apps or simply trying to pull down notifications from time to time even though I had zero bloatware installed the entire time. There are many apps pre-installed here too although most can be uninstalled including what feels like 50 realme service widgets for games which are mostly empty anyway.

I do have one major gripe though - the phone won't let you use an app drawer out of the box so you'll have your home screen cluttered with pre-installed apps for quite some time until you find a way to disable its many gestures or simply switch to a third-party launcher. Thankfully, there is plenty of storage space available even after taking into account all the bloatware you're getting but I just wish it wasn't this messy in terms of software at least.

As far as daily usage goes, I was mostly satisfied with how well these phones can handle multitasking without slowing down too much during my time with them and since ColorOS is still pretty bloated out of the box you can expect some more slowing down when using certain apps or services. That said, the phone's overall performance is pretty good for everything else apart from heavy gaming so if you don't plan on playing too many resource-intensive games on your device, I'm sure you won't have any major problems with its day-to-day performance.


The Realme 7i phone comes with a dual-camera setup at the back featuring a 13MP primary sensor and a 2MP secondary depth-sensing camera. At first glance, images taken in daylight appeared to be detailed enough but that’s about it - colors are overblown most of the time when compared to other phones in this price range while the level of detail is acceptable at best.

Moving onto low light conditions, images are very noisy with some blurry details while the overall image quality also takes a huge hit in comparison to images taken in daylight so if you don't have too much lighting around, expect your pictures to come out soft or with lots of noise. The app is mostly easy to use though apart from the lack of custom settings for its Pro mode which isn’t available on most Realme phones including this one.

As far as selfies go, they appear rather natural but the 8MP sensor struggles in low-light scenarios and that’s just about it when it comes to taking pictures with this phone. Sure, there's decent color reproduction but the overall image noise levels are pretty bad in low light. This makes using face unlock a bit difficult - especially in dimly lit areas so I would highly recommend you enable sms verification for security purposes if possible rather than rely solely on face unlock for this device.


At this price point, the Realme 7i mobile offers up a lot of value for money in terms of what it can actually do without having too many compromises when compared to flagships that cost twice as much. Sure, the cameras aren't great at all (especially low-light images) but most people don’t use their phones strictly for taking pictures anyway which is why I wouldn’t really call them turn-offs. 

Realme 7i India: price?

  • Realme 7i pro price: ₹12,999
  • Realme 7i 6 128 price in India: ₹13,999
  • Realme 7i 4 64 price: ₹12,999
  • realme 7i 6gb ram: ₹13,999

Sure, they could have used a better display instead of an HD+ panel but apart from that and some pre-installed bloatware (which can be uninstalled if you don't need it), there’s not really much to dislike about the Realme 7i mobile.

For a price of Rs. 13,999, it's hard to go wrong with this phone as long as you know what to expect from it - good day to day performance and decent battery life is just what most people need every single day without any major compromises so I would highly recommend checking out Realme 71 phones if that sounds like something that interests you. 

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