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How To Turn Your Phone Into VR Console

Sep 02, 2021 Administrator News 69 hits

Thanks to modern technology, virtual reality is becoming more and more popular. People enjoy this new luxury since it brings an entirely different experience of gaming.

Although it has been around for a while now, most people are still not aware of how they can bring their own devices to the wonderful world of VR entertainment. If you are one of those people who have no idea what they should do in order to enjoy the benefits that come with this kind of technology, then worry no more because by reading this article, you will learn all about virtual reality consoles.

If you want to create your own smartphone-powered virtual reality console, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Acquire Necessary Materials And Tools

The first thing you need to do is prepare the things that you will be needing for this project. The most important things you will need are your smartphone, cardboard box, scissors, marker pen (or pencil), ruler or measuring tape, and glue gun (or adhesive). Those are really all that you have to get before starting on this project.

Step 2: Place Your Smartphone At The Middle Of The Cardboard

Once everything has been prepared, it is now time to start working on your own personal DIY virtual reality console. First of all, take your phone out of its case so that it can fit perfectly at the center of the cardboard.

Place your mobile device at the center part of the piece of material where side flaps meet to create a flat surface. After positioning it in the right place, cut the box in half using your scissors.

Step 3: Flip The Board Upside Down

Flip the entire thing around so that when you open up your cardboard to use it, the screen of your smartphone is now facing down.

Step 4: Cut Open Holes To Insert Your Phone's Camera And Headphones Jacks

If you want to connect your phone to other devices such as headphones or microphones for better experience then you can just cut holes right beside where your head will be at. You can also opt not to do this part if you don't need any of these accessories plugged into the console itself.

Step 5: Fix Velcro Strips On The Outside

After you are done cutting your holes, apply Velcro strips on the outside of the new cardboard. These will serve as the new surface where you can attach head straps for a better experience. There are many types of alternatives to these strips if you don't have access to them. You can also choose to use string or even duct tape depending on your preference. Just always remember that whatever material you use should be easily adjustable so that they do not irritate you at all while playing VR games

Step 6: Strap Your Smartphone Onto Your Head

Once everything is already prepared, it is now time to put your personal virtual reality console together. After marking out the position for straps, cut four holes once again and secure them using Velco strips. Once done, you can now start put the straps of your DIY project on your head and attach them to the rest of the console using Velcro strips as well.

Now that everything is already prepared, just go ahead and play any VR such as modern Nordic online games or even the good old online Tetris for a new and exciting experience!

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